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[audio]Episode 09 Ed Wood - Flex the Echo
Flex the Echo presents Passage de Noir a series of recorded articles originally printed in Mass Movement Magazine.
Keywords: Flex the Echo; Ed Wood
Downloads: 15
[movies]Bela Lugosi- Plan NIne footage
All of the footage of Lugosi shot by Ed Wood and used in his movie Plan Nine From Outer Space. Notice that, contrary to popular belief, Ed never uses the same shot twice. There just happens to be a lot of multiple takes that are similar.
Keywords: bela lugosi; horror; sc-fi; ed wood
Downloads: 520 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Risque fetish scenes added to Ed Wood's Glen or Glenda - StingRay Films
Public Domain film: Producer George Weiss re-released "Glen or Glenda" (1953) adding these racy and fetishistic clips to Wood's bizarre dream sequence to sell more tickets. That is, by adding some hetero sex-appeal to this nutty treatise on tranvestites. I edited this down somewhat - it ends suddenly as I can only do 5 minute mpeg files. This odd bondage, whipping, sexual assault footage was from an unfinished Weiss project (probably a burlesque film) directed by W...
Keywords: ed wood; vintage; exploitation; B-movie; Lugosi
Downloads: 3,467
[audio]ed wood -spoken word massacre - G O D
confrontational spoken word sessions recorded live at several locales in ft. myers,florida,humorous and thought provoking,from sluggisha.blogspot.com
Keywords: ed wood; sluggisha.blogspot.com,spoken word,poetry
Downloads: 215
[audio]ed wood-futurist diatribe (8000 a.d.) - G O D
ed wood spoken word piece about far in the future sluggisha.blogspot.com
Keywords: ed wood; sluggisha.blogspot.com; spoken word; poetry; future
Downloads: 94
[movies]BRIDE OF THE MONSTER trailer 2
This is a much sharper print. Ed Wood's notorious horror flick, and Bela Lugosi's final film, if you don't count his "Plan 9" footage.
Keywords: movie trailers; horror; monsters; Bela Lugosi; Tor Johnson; Ed Wood
Downloads: 207
[movies]Ed Wood copies scene from Lugosi's The Corpse Vanishes - StingrayFilms
Two Public Domain films: Watching "The Corpse Vanishes" (1942) I noticed Ed Wood's "Bride of the Monster" (1955) duplicated one scene. Both feature a pervert assistant who gets whipped by Lugosi. Even the fake stone wall backdrop is the same (hard to see in murky MPEG transfer). Wood was an avid Lugosi fan and studied all his films. A little trivia tidbit for historians of crap cinema.
Keywords: Ed Wood; Bela Lugosi; vintage; horror; Monogram; B-movie
Downloads: 517
[audio]F This Movie! - Plan 9 from Outer Space
On the 50th (!) episode of F This Movie!, Patrick and JB use their stupid human minds to defend the so-called worst movie ever made, Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space.
Keywords: podcast; plan 9 from outer space; ed wood; bad movies
Downloads: 624
[movies]Plan 9 from Outer Space - Ed Wood
Aliens resurrect dead humans as zombies and vampires to stop human kind from creating the Solaranite (a sort of sun-driven bomb). - IMDB Description
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Ed Wood; Movie Powder; avi; pdmovies
Downloads: 62,549 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(9 reviews)
[movies]Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)
Aliens resurrect dead humans as zombies and vampires to stop human kind from creating the Solaranite (a sort of sun-driven bomb). Stars Gregory Walcott, Mona McKinnon, Duke Moore, Tor Johnson, Bela Lugosi & Vampira.
Keywords: lugosi; ed wood; plan 9; vampire; classic; horror
Downloads: 903
[audio]Out Of The Coffin #49 - Dan Shaurette
Episode #49 - Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958) This is Episode #49 for September 2, 2009. Dan and CJ of the excellent Love Long and Prosper podcast joined us to discuss RiffTrax, Plan 9 from Outer Space, and the Twilight Series.
Keywords: podcast; vampire; vampyre; Twilight; Plan 9 From Outer Space; Ed Wood; RiffTrax
Downloads: 272
[audio]Sesion Noche
En Sesión de Noche hablaremos de la "polémica" gala de los Goya y sus autocomplacientes premios y de los inmerecidos premios que en este evento se llevó la  no tan premiable Blancanieves.Ivan Trash nos traerá la erróneamente llamada peor película de la historia:Plan 9 del espacio exterior del director Ed Wood y muchas otras cosas más...
Keywords: Premios Goya 2013; Blancanieves; Ed Wood; Plan 9 del espacio exterior
Downloads: 76
[movies]Plan Nine From Outer Space UPGRADE
A group of goal-focused aliens ("Our first eight tries flopped, but we'll keep trying!") start raising the dead so they can conquer the world. How they plan to do so by using cardboard flying saucers, exploding sunbeams and a couple of miles of stock footage is anybody's guess. Features the wasp-waisted Maila Nurmi, the vast-waisted Tor Johnson, Tom Mason as "Ghoul Man with Cape Over Face" and the ever-durable Lyle Talbot.And remember: We are all interested in the future, for that is where you a...
Keywords: Plan Nine; Ed Wood; Lyle Talbot; Bela Lugosi; Vampira; zombies; flying saucers; Criswell
Downloads: 1,111
[audio]F This Movie! - F These Movies for All Hallows' Eve (Part II)
In the second part of this special episode, Patrick and JB take on 10 of the worst horror movies ever made, from killer rabbits to killer Coke machines to killer wind.
Keywords: horror movies; stephen king; the happening; m. night shyamalan; ed wood; final destination
Downloads: 672
[movies]Haseena Atom Bomb
Haseena Atom Bomb is a Pakistani cult film from 1990. Pakistan's Pashto language cinema has a reputation for crudeness, which this film certainly lives up to. This copy is very beat-up, especially at the beginning. Haseena Atom Bomb was released in both Pashto and Urdu language versions, but I'm not sure which this is. It has no subtitles. This is recommended for lovers of psychotronic cinema and cult movies.
Keywords: Psychotronic; weird; crazy; bad; Plan; Nine; Ed Wood; Turkey; Urdu; Pashto; Pakistan
Downloads: 72
[movies]Jail Bait - Edward D Wood Jr
Jail Bait (1954) Directed by Edward D Wood Jr. A Howco Release A vicious criminal uses plastic surgery to escape the police.This movie features Steve Reeves (undubbed). This is the original version of the film released in 1954. This film was registered for copyright (1954 LP3883) and never renewed. It entered the public domain on 1 January 1983.
Keywords: Edward D Wood Jr; Mystery; Crime Thriller; Steve Reeves; Delores Fuller; Lyle Talbot; Ed Wood
Downloads: 37,740 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(14 reviews)
This spooky single, from stars of Ed Wood movies,was put together by Dionysus Records,in 1995.The Kelton side is a story song,and the Criswell side is weirdsville,daddy-o!More stuff for that Halloween mix tape!
Keywords: 1995; criswell; dionysus records; ed wood; halloween; kelton the cop; paul marco; spooky; story song; weird; sluggisha.blogspot.com
Downloads: 21
[audio]CineMatrix Episode 48
For more podcasts and awesomeness follow the link bellow. http://www.webofcinema.com Become part of LEGION http://wwww.forwearemany.com In this episode of the podcast the guys take on the films of tim Burton.
Keywords: cinematrix episode 48 movie review podcast internet radio show comedy humor laughs tim burton ed wood sweeny todd sleepy hallow
Downloads: 46
this is the 3rd release from ASSEATER,after billy left the fold.just me and vance kicking up some black/death/grindcore for this e.p. true metal that has a blackened soul.the first two albums are not as technically proficient as this,but rockin'just the same.cover art by steve reed.CLICK
Keywords: sluggisha.blogspot.com; asseater; billy drake; black metal; death metal; e.p; ed wood; grindcore; steve reed; vance burdge
Downloads: 5
[movies]Faildozer Presents: Plan 9 From Outer Space - Mike Zombie
Mike Zombie and Captain Meghann (Deuce) have some fun at the expense of this Sci-Fi classic. Yes, everyone has already done this... I know. Besides getting shot on the back of the head, do you know what else Abraham Lincoln did? He was a champion wrestler in high school. And I'm not making that up...
Keywords: Plan 9; Mike Zombie; Faildozer; Meghann; Zombies; Little Dead Podcast; Ed Wood; Vampira; Bela Lugosi; Mike Di Bene
Downloads: 111
[movies]Television Commercial directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
Here are four ads Eddie wrote and directed for Story As Films. The names of the ads as “Surprise” which is about used cards, "Treasure and Curves" which is about a jewellery store, "The Bestest" which is about boots, and "Magic Man" which is about a men clothing store. I think Don Nagel is Alabam in "The Bestest" and Eddie is the Magic Man himself. If you can spot any other actors let me know. Here is a list of the other commercials he wrote and directed...
Keywords: Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Plan 9 from Outer Space; Bride of the Monster; Glen or Glenda
Downloads: 180
[movies]Final Curtain (1957) Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
After a horror play's final performance, The Vampire roams the theater.
Keywords: Edward D. Wood Jr. Ed Wood; Final Curtain; Plan 9 From outer Space; Bride of the Monster; Glen or Glenda
Downloads: 213
[movies]Dr. Tom Mason - Bela Lugosi's Double - Plan Nine
All the footage of Thomas R. Mason, Bela Lugosi's double in Plan Nine From Outer Space. How much does he look like Bela? You be the judge!!
Keywords: Thomas; R. Mason; Doctor Tom Mason; Ed Wood; Bela Lugosi; Plan Nine; Outer Space; Sci-fi; horror
Downloads: 232 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Glen Or Glenda (1953) Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
A psychiatrist tells two stories: one of a transvestite (Glen or Glenda), the other of a pseudohermaphrodite (Alan or Anne).Written and Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.Produced By George Weiss.Starring Edward. D. Wood Jr and Dolores Fuller.
Keywords: Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Bride of the Monster; Plan 9 from Outer Space; Glen or Glenda
Downloads: 1,435
[movies]Bride Of The Monster (1955) Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
An mad doctor attempts to create atomic supermen.
Keywords: Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Bride of the Monster; Plan 9 from outer space; Glen of Glenda
Downloads: 1,999
[movies]Pyasa Shaitan (Thirsty Devil)
Pyasa Shaitan (Thirsty Devil) is a low-budget and very weird Indian horror movie, most commonly said to have been made in 1984. Like most movies like this, there's not much information about it available in English. Joginder Shelly is the writer, director and star. Kamal Hassan co-stars. Joginder plays a vampiric hairy demon who appears to be Satan. The crazy ultra-low-budget special effects are the main selling point here...
Keywords: psychotronic; Plan; Nine; Dracula; Bollywood; weird; strange; cheap; Satan; vampire; India; Hindi; horror; Bela; Lugosi; Ed; Wood; Ed Wood
Downloads: 757
[movies]Jail Bait (1954) Directed be Edward. D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
Vic Brady draws young Don Gregor into a life of crime. He then blackmails Gregor's plastic surgeon father into fixing up his face so he can evade the cops.
Keywords: Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Glen or Glenda; Bride of the Monster; Plan 9 from outer space
Downloads: 162
[audio]Picture Show Episode 1 - 24FramesPerSecond
In the very first episode of the 24FPS podcast, Sam Inglis and Mike Ewins review Dream House, The Thing 2011 and My Week With Marilyn and talk biopics and Blu Ray/DVD releases.
Keywords: Picture Show; Blu Ray; DVD; The Thing; My Week With Marilyn; Dream House; Ed Wood; Control; People Vs Larry Flynt; Lenny
Downloads: 41
[audio]Ep 20 Frozen Scream ( 1975) - That's Cool, That's Trash!
Frozen Scream features thick accents, terrible ADR, camerawork, acting, composition, & plotting...we loved it. Scientists seek to attain immortality through cold & cults. "Surreal" - Kyle, "Front" - Scott, "Bewildering" - Matt"Mad scientists turn people into frozen zombies & the zombies wreak havoc and kill people." This synopsis doesn't do this beautiful train wreck justice. Watch it. It CHOSE you!
Keywords: zombies; cult; psychotronic; trash; '70s; banned; Framnk Roach; Renee Harmon; love; immortality; frozen; cryogenics; German accents; Ed Wood got screwed
Downloads: 9
[audio]This Is A Robbery #48 - Plan 9 Del Espacio Exterior - TheWriter
Esta semana toca hablar de la "obra maestra" de Ed Wood. Se ha dicho que Plan 9 Del Espacio Exterior es la peor película de la historia del cine. Adentrémonos en un terrorífico y alienígena viaje para averiguar si es cierto o no.
Keywords: This Is A Robbery; TheWriter; podcast; cine; Plan 9 Del Espacio Exterior; Ed Wood; Bela Lugosi; Vampira; Tor Johnson; Edward D. Wood Jr
Downloads: 165
[movies]The Sun Was Setting - Outtakes ( 1951) Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
When her boyfriend won't accompany a dying woman for a night on the town, a girlfriend agrees to go with her. Originally afraid the excitement might kill her, the boyfriend reconsiders. As they walk to the apartment door, she collapses and dies.Written and Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.Angela Stevens - JunePhyllis Coats - ReneTon Keene - Paul (as Richard Powers)
Keywords: The Sun Was Settling; Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Plan 9 from outer space; Bride of the Monster; Glen or Glenda
Downloads: 103
[movies]Magic Soup [2011] (episode 1) - The Magic Soup Wizards
Music, Arts, entertainment program. Each episode approx 30 minutes in length. EPISODE ONE: "SIMPLE PRAIRIE FOLK" Original upload date September 18 2011. An affectionate look back at the Winnipeg independent Arts/Music scene in the 1980s. Teen comedians. Legendary punk bands. Questionable dancing. Fabulously attired drag queens. Inebriated media personalities doing karaoke. A music video by an ordained Subgenius Minister...
Keywords: Magic Soup Show, Magic Soup Wizards, Music, Punk, Winnipeg, Ed Wood, Euterpe Jones, Torgo, Subgenius, Genius, WFG, Public Access, VPW13, Community Access, Videon
Downloads: 592 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]Criswell Predicts Your Incredible Future - Spoke Word Album (1970) - Edward D. Wood Jr.
Here is the entire 'The Legendary Criswell Predicts Your Incredible Future' spoken word album. It was released in 1970 by Horoscope Productions.
Keywords: The Amazing Criswell; Edward D. Wood; Ed Wood; Glen or Glenda; Bride of the Monster; Plan 9 from outer space; Night of the Ghouls; Orgy of the Dead
Downloads: 367
[movies]The Violent Years (1956) Written by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
Paula Parkins is the teenage daughter of wealthy parents whom don't seem to make time for her, so she looks for thrills as the leader of her all girl gang who steal, rob, and rape young men.
Keywords: Edward D. Wood Jr; The Violent Years; Girl Gang; Plan 9 from Outer Space; Bride of the Monster; Glen or Glenda; Ed Wood
Downloads: 202
[movies]Criswell Predicts - Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (1966) - Edward D. Wood Jr.
Here is a clip of Criswell predicting the future on the Johnny Carson show. 
Keywords: The Amazing Criswell; Tonight Show; Johnny Carson; Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Bride of the Monster; Plan 9 from outer space; Glen or Glenda
Downloads: 1,559
[movies]The Sun Was Setting ( 1951) Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
When her boyfriend won't accompany a dying woman for a night on the town, a girlfriend agrees to go with her. Originally afraid the excitement might kill her, the boyfriend reconsiders. As they walk to the apartment door, she collapses and dies.Written and Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.Angela Stevens - JunePhyllis Coats - ReneTon Keene - Paul (as Richard Powers)
Keywords: The Sun Was Setting; Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Glen or Glenda; Bride of the Monster; Plan 9 from Outer Space
Downloads: 151
[movies]Crossroad Avenger: The Adventures of the Tucson Kid (1953) Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. - Edward D. Wood Jr.
The pilot to a potential TV series, Tom Keene plays the Tucson Kid, an insurance investigator in the old west who comes to town (under the pseudonym 'Duke Smith') to investigate an insurance claim. But the local bigwigs (led by Lyle Talbot) are causing trouble, the Sheriff's been killed, the Deputy (Tyler) is clueless, and the newcomer might just make the perfect fall guy...
Keywords: Edward D. Wood Jr; Ed Wood; Plan 9 From Outer Space; Bride of the Monster; Glen or Glenda; Crossroad Avenge The Adventures of the Tucson Kid
Downloads: 156
[movies]Shaitani Dracula
Shaitani Dracula is an ultra low budget Indian horror film, directed by Harinam Singh. This is a truly weird movie that well deserves the many World's Worst Movie nominations it has received from critics. Harinam Singh has been called the Ed Wood of India. Information is quite scarce about this film online- it is usually listed as having been made in 2006, but that doesn't seem right, somehow. Dracula, played by the director, is a fat guy with a Saddam Hussein mustache, dressed up like General C...
Keywords: Ed Wood; Ed; Wood; Plan; Nine; 9; Lugosi: vampire; bad; worst; movie; psychotronic; cult; movie; weird; low; budget; India; Hindi; Dracula
Downloads: 298
[movies]SPOOK SHOW 18 This One's For Eddie Part 2 - Vance Capley
The program inspired by Hypnotic Eye and Theatre for the Insane, continues in it's desent into madness! Welcome to #18 and the second half of our salute to filmaker Ed Wood. Lot's of neat stuff...enjoy!
Keywords: ed wood; hypnotic eye; theatre for theinsane; bela lugosi; tor johnson; vampira; keanne duncan; william thompson; lyle talbot; plan 9 from outer space; jamie deadly; deadly cinema; elvira; dolores fuller; vance capley; spook show; 18; hot rods; commercials; toys; clips
Downloads: 134
[audio]JESUS FREAK & THE BAREFOOT BANDIT - Metal Machine Music - G O D
based on lou reed's masterpiece,this is me and billy,in an empty bakery ,using everything in the building to make this recording.instruments included:sm.proof tank,lg.tank,double door tank,stack of metal trays,garage door,aluminum door,lift jack,lg. rack,mixer,1,2,& 4 lb. weights,plastic tray,spare tire,water tank,ice scoop,bucket,pitcher,sink,cat,a.m.radio,amplifier,fans lg. and box,razor blade,lighter,slicing machine,stale hero bun,steel dolly,corn cart,old tray cart,billy's guitar,wire brush,...
Keywords: lou reed; metal machine music; factory; raw recording; avant garde; musique concrete; experimental; sluggisha.blogspot.com; billy drake; ed wood; industrial; noise; harsh; psychedelic; trippy; SPACY; FUTURISTIC; jesus freak & The barefoot bandit; everything is a musical instrument!!
Downloads: 48
[image]Posterazzi Archives---Science Fiction, Horror, Monster, Fantasy Films - posterazzi
From The World's Largest Cataloged Collection of 150,000 original Lobby Cards from Mexico, 1930s-1980s: 300+ sample jpgs of Science Fiction, Horror, Monster Films. http://posterazzi.blogspot.com/2008/04/sci-fi-fantasy-horror-monster-total.html http://posterazzi.blogspot.com/2008/04/monster-films.html CATALOG: VIEW 145 LISTS & 5,000 sample JPGS: ################################################## http://posterazzi.blogspot.com http://picasaweb.google.com/posterazzi http://www.youtube.com/profile_v...
Keywords: Sci-Fi; Universal Horror; 1950s Science Fiction; Italian Horror; Frankenstein; Dracula; WolfMan; Godzilla; King Kong; Mothra; Fulci; Argento; Jesus Franco; Ed Wood; Radiation; Giant Reptiles; Universe; Galaxy; Interplanetary; SpaceShip; Flying Saucer
Downloads: 141
okay,i wrote all the lyrics and the songs are all true stories.total 70's rock god worship lotsa t.rex,sweet,kiss,refrences.lotsa hookers,drugs,sneakin out at night,skippin' school,gettin' in trouble,smokin,drinkin,drivin,hot rods, hot chicks,love,love lost,power ballads,good hard rock before metal came about,still kinda has that punky(meadows)edge.if you lived thru the 70's,watched that 70's show,have a passing interest in any thing teenage related,smoke herb,went to high school(why do you thin...
Keywords: sluggisha.blogspot.com; G O D; 70's; billy drake; ed wood; hard rock; jackie earle haleys; kiss; mike smith; rock and roll; sweet; t.rex; tony rizzo; vance burdge
Downloads: 85
[audio]The Alien Invasion #35 - Watching Scarlett Johansson Read - Galactic Netcasts
Sitcom aliens crying green goo, A Canadian hotel gets an MIB visit, and we find out what Brad really hates! * This week's Prometheus viral video. http://youtu.be/zwEtldZQNew * ABC's new alien-neighbor sitcom. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Neighbors_(TV_series) * Scarlett Johansson's first picture from Under The Skin. http://blastr.com/2012/05/check-out-scarlett-johans.php * Video evidence of real men in black...
Keywords: Prometheus; viral video; Noomi Rapace; Weyland Industires; ABC; The Neighbors; Scarlett Johansson; Under the Skin; Photo; Men In Black; Niagrara Falls; Canada; security footage; UFO Phil; television; Pleiadeans; Ed Wood; Plan 9 From Outer Space; Millennium; DC Comics
Downloads: 343
[audio]Everything Actioncast Ep. 115 "Bas Ass Nuke Cocktails" - www.everythingaction.com
This week on the podcast, Zach and Chris (joined later by Joe) talk about some of the latest trailers, the role of Third Echelon in the Tom Clancy universe, Superfly, the fighting style of the Ninja Turtles, Danny Trejo, awesome and terrible sequels and much more. âNews: âTrailers for Resident Evil: Retribution, Monsters University and Hijacked, TMNT reboot delayed due to script problems, Splinter Cell movie might be in the works, Horrible possible plot details for Mortal Kombat reboot, BBC ge...
Keywords: everything actioncast; podcast; episode; zach; chris; joe; resident evil: retribution; monsters university; hijacked; tmnt; reboot; splinter cell; mortal kombat; video games; bbc; muppet show; new release round up; hard target; superfly; burn notice; thundercats; bad ass; seeking justice; the exorcist II: the heretic; green hornet; cocktail; my cousin vinny; ed wood; robocop 2
Downloads: 73
[audio]Everything Actioncast Ep 175 "Ultron California" - www.everythingaction.com
This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe try to figure out if James Spader is cold and robotic enough to play Ultron, Fast & Furious getting to Expendables level of casting, the in your face awfulness of Pain & Gain, Dinobots, how long a Westworld show could last, the horrors of Snakes on a Train and much more. News: The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? trailer, James Spader cast as Ultron for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Bradley Cooper confirmed as Rocket Raccoon, Kurt Russell joins Fas...
Keywords: everything actioncast; podcast; zach; chris; joe; the death of superman lives: what happened?; james spader; ultron; avengers: age of ultron; bradley cooper; rocket raccoon; kurt russell; fast & furious 7; transformers 4; age of extinction; hbo; westworld; new release round up; the dictator; pain & gain; a haunted house; desperado; ed wood; judgement night; snakes on a train
Downloads: 39
[movies]SPOOK SHOW 17 This One's For Eddie Part 1 - Vance Capley
Once again we rise from the tomb, inspired by Joe Riley's Hypnotic Eye and Count Rockula's Theatre For the Insane, to bring you episode 17 of Spook Show! This is part one of our two part "dead"ication to Edward D. Wood Jr. and his weird friends.... Pieced together as if Ed Wood himself was guiding my editing fingers....is that angora?
Keywords: ed wood; bela lugosi; vampira; tor johnson; hot rods; jailbait; plan 9 from outer space; night of the ghouls; cowboys; science fiction; weird; strange; color; black and white; commercials; trailers; vance capley; theatre for the insane; hypnotic eye; joe riley; count rockula; spook show; spacegg spaghetti
Downloads: 170
[movies]SPOOK SHOW A GO-GO EPISODE 1 - Vance Capley
Here is the brand new quick episodes of my new show, SPOOK SHOW A GO-GO! Following the feature is a few extras.
Keywords: Dracula; dracula; bela lugosi; universal; vampira; plan nine from outer space; ed wood; johnny depp; sir cecil creape; horror; toys; commercials; go-go dancers; sonics; psyco-a-go-go; tor johnson; vance capley; hypnotic eye; theatre for the insane; phantom of the opera; fembots; frankenstein; mummy; wolfman; fun; spooky; color; black & white; visual television
Downloads: 405
[movies]Halloween Boobies Compilation - Rockula!
This was my first attempt at a promo reel for the lesbian night "Boobie Trap" in Minneapolis Mn. Halloween was coming up so I thought the material would be appropriate. It was rejected because it had men in it so I made a 2nd compilation with only women. I decided that this mix was great so I kept it. The "2" in the title means that I originally posted it with no audio and I thought it needed music so I re-cut it...
Keywords: Halloween; boobies; compilation; The Damned; Kiss Me Quick; Ed Wood; Orgy of the Dead; Criswell; Pat Barringer; Pat Barrington; William Bates; Fawn Silver; Alice Cooper; Pervirella; Unknown Hinson; The Misfits; The Voodoo Organist; Pot Zombies; 7 Golden Vampires; Hammer Films; Rob Zombie; Astro Zombies; The Necro Tonz
Downloads: 1,767
[audio]Everything Actioncast Ep. 35 "Tim Burtonesque" - www.everythingaction.com
This week the unrestrained tangent following of Zach, Joe and Chris talks about the possible inspiration for The Dark Knight Rises, the many faults Watchmen, the appeal of Anthony Bourdain and the perfect video game version of Inception. * Show and Tell: Chris watched Faster (as did Zach), Surf Ninjas, and also watched a bunch of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Joe watched Crazy Heart and The Ultimate Fighter finale, and Zach watched the series finale of Terriers, Watchmen: Director's Cut and...
Keywords: everything actioncast; episode; podcast; zach; chris; joe; batman; faster; surf ninjas; the walking dead; crazy heart; the ultimate fighter; watchmen; director's cut; operation: endgame; terriers; FX; back to the future; video games; inception; the dark knight rises; batman: prey; burn notice; dexter; new release round up; edward scissorhands; pee wee's big adventure; batman returns; mars attacks; beetlejuice; big fish; ed wood; alice in wonderland; charlie and the chocolate factory; planet of the apes
Downloads: 159
[audio]The S & M Show episode 8: Employee of the Year - Sam Cunningham and Matthew Slack
The Geeks move in together, discuss a myriad of films, and find secret tapes. Assholes abound. Photoshop credit: Will Kimball. http://www.samNmatt.com/
Keywords: Tyler Bueno; MarbleHornets; Skype; Boondock Saints; Lord of the Rings; Batman; Back to the Future; Hancock; Will Smith; Wal-Mart; Employee of the Month; Sam's Club; Marlboro; Budweiser; Jack Daniels; Jim Beam; Harley Davidson; Smoothie King; Lucky Charms; pick-up lines; Clerks; Area 51; Dr Pepper; Inception; Alpha Centauri; Spider-Man; Louis C.K; The Good Guys; Twilight; Memphis Beat; Jason Lee; Oaklawn Racing; Rainman; Avengers; Joss Whedon; Iron Man; Serenity; X-Men; Star Trek; G-Force; Jerry Bruckheimer; Martin Scorsese; Uwe Boll; Doom; In the Name of the King; Rampage; Seed; Ed Wood; Fight Club; Brad Pitt; American Psycho; I Robot; Pirates of the Caribbean; Sarah Jessica Parker; Three's Company; SNL; MacGruber; Jonah Hex; Fantastic 4; Avatar; The Losers; The Inglorious Bastards
Downloads: 53
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